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Using Color Therapy to Design a Living Space

turquoise oven, gold inlay, blue cabinets

Color is very important in home design.  Did you realize the color of your surroundings play a role in influencing your emotions and mood?  You may notice some rooms and spaces cause frustration where other rooms cause a serene state of mind.  This is called color therapy and is a critical component in designing a space.

If you want to be creative, try purple which is the combination of red, which promotes stimulation and energy, and blue which promotes serenity.  Purple would be great for a home office.

If you are trying to create a peaceful and calming space, try integrating green and blue.  Blue is great for high traffic rooms where you will spend a lot of time.  Green is considered a restful color and great for your bedroom.

007x - Using Color Therapy to Design a Living Space

A perfect turquoise is also great as depicted below in this dream kitchen with a turquoise oven and this black painted island with gold inlay.  Black is a neutral color and easy to integrate with bolder mood-enhancing colors.

Dream Kitchen  - Using Color Therapy to Design a Living Space

Integrating a white room with it’s feelings of cleanliness and purity with the use of red, which is known to increase heart rate and promote energy and a well-being of romance and love, creates a gorgeous ambiance in this elaborate bathroom:

Red Accent Chair in White Room - Using Color Therapy to Design a Living Space

Another red home decor accent is in the way of curtains.  A bit more of a permanent decor than a chair but adds a lot of dramatic romantic impact in this living room.  Grey is a neutral color that is timeless and perfect to combine with bold colors.

living room - Using Color Therapy to Design a Living Space

The color yellow and orange are known to stimulate appetite.  These two colors reflect more light and can cause irritation in a person’s eyes.  Be careful with these bold hues of yellow and orange.  These shades are best for the kitchen.  Interestingly, they both are colors of happiness and excitement which is another reason to put them in the kitchen where people gather more sporadically than restful living rooms.

This DIY inspiration is designed to unleash your creativity as you design your living spaces with color psychology and it’s mood-impacting influence in mind.

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