Our Services

The project gallery, tutorials and inspiration behind every blog post on this website is from Jeremy Harnish. Jeremy is an accomplished craftsman and talented finisher.  He is a licensed California painting and decorating contractor and integrates his design eye into every project. His twenty year career has been dedicated to creating and applying custom designer finishes.  Jeremy is a master at developing finishes specific to his clients’ tastes to elevate the ambiance in their homes. You might say, Jeremy makes his clients dreams come true.

Jeremy and his referral network of experts can be retained to achieve the finishes he teaches. Maybe your project is too large and you need a contractor to update your style or complete an entire kitchen cabinet project that is over your skill level. Jeremy has a referral network across the nation that he teaches and trains. He also works with them to make sure what you desire can be attained locally.

In addition to providing full service painting and finishing services, Jeremy also is available on a per-hour consultation basis. He is an expert in color and how to integrate different styles into one living space. If you are having trouble with a project, he can also be available to you as a coach and give you personalized tutorials that match your specific project.

You can preview more of Jeremy’s work at