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Distressed Finish using Wax under Paint

This video demonstration will teach you how to use wax under paint for a cool old world distressed finish.

This wood finish will go beautifully in farmhouse, French country, mid century, modern farmhouse, shabby chic and traditional styles of homes.  It’s super versatile and an elevated wood finish!

This DIY paint technique can be applied to any wood surface – picture frames, end tables, dining tables, wooden chairs, kitchen cabinets, trim and doors, etc.

Step 1: Watch the step by step video tutorial for a complete demonstration.

This video will demonstrate how to apply wax under paint for a distressed finish.

It is important to watch the step by step demonstration as Jeremy walks you through the simple process to achieve this amazing finish on your wood project!

distressed wood finish

Step 2: Apply a base coat of paint that you want to expose in distressing. Pounce and apply wax to areas on top of the base coat. Get creative and put wax in random spots.

Distressed Wood Finish

Step 3: After you have put wax in random spots on your piece of furniture, apply the top layer of paint. This finish would look amazing on an armoire, dresser, night stand, trim, dining table, kitchen cabinets, etc. Any wood project will work with this finish. We used grey and green to demonstrate as it shows the contrast really well. You can use more modern colors, farmhouse colors and traditional colors to fit in with the style of your room.

Distressed Wood Finish

Step 4: Use cheese cloth and rub off the areas where you applied wax. This will create the distressed look.

Distressed Wood Finish

Step 5: Apply wax over the entire surface to lock in the distressing while adding a protective layer of sealer.

Please note:  Craftsman Naturals Wax is not yet available.  Jeremy has selected his favorite products that will perform very closely.  Miss Mustard Seed’s furniture wax and milk paint are the perfect combination to create this distressed finish that can fit many design styles such as farmhouse, French country and even mid century modern.

Featured Products Used:

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